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“Sander and Debora took over one of our hotels for a full 5 weeks. They completely took responsibility for the entire daily operations. We had nothing to worry about. Thanks to both of them we were able to finally take some time off, despite the fact is was high season”


Peter & Flor | Owners Hotel Dos Palmas, Costa Rica

About us

While traveling the world with our 2-year-old daughter, we come across many beautiful people with beautiful places to stay, eat and sleep. Many of which struggle with a lot of questions. Your Hotel Boost is our answer to many of them. But who are we?

Sander van Oudheusden Your Hotel Boost

Sander van Oudheusden

Hotel Nerd

I’m Sander van Oudheusden, i have been working in the hotel industry for 10+ years both nationally and internationally. There is no better feeling than interacting with happy, satisfied and smiling guests day after day.

Running a hotel is a 24/7 business and not everyone is cut out for it! Growth, personality, honesty, love and freedom is what it is all about if you ask me. I am convinced if you are open to personal growth, your business will grow with you.

My passion is to relieve hotel owners from their daily care of others by looking at their business with fresh eyes to optimise the daily operations. From an online hotel health check to a complete hotel takeover: are you ready for your hotel boost?

Debora Nienhuis Your Hotel Boost

Debora Nienhuis

Process Specialist

I am Debora Nienhuis and it is my passion to boost hotels by empowering its owners. To me business success and personal growth go hand in hand. If you are in your flow, your business and guests will be too.

I have always had an interest in making things work better and more effectively. My analytical skills and curiosity help me to get to the core of things. Helping hotel owners run their business in a smooth way in order for them to have a better work/life balance, is what makes me happy.

Even when you think your business is doing well, a different perspective can still grow your business figures. I believe that sometimes you don’t need to be sick to get better.

How we work

We work thoroughly and efficiently in order to give your hotel a boost and give you some well deserved time off.


We take our time to see how your business is run(ning). We look through the eyes of the customer, the employee and the manager.


Once we have everything we need, we thoroughly analyze the data and run it through our specially developed tools


We advice you on topics like customer service, hospitality, finance, marketing and personal growth in order to take your hotel to the next level.


Since we probably know most of your staff by now, we’ll just run your hotel for a while. If you let us of course. Giving you a well-deserved break and the chance to do what we do best.

What others say about us...

Kees Teer Your Hotel Boost

Kees Teer |  Chairman of the Board bij Corendon Hotels & Resorts


Sander is a born leader and has strong social skills. He’s a guy I would always like to have in my team.

Peter Hoffmans Your Hotel Boost

Peter Hoffmans | Owner Hotel Dos Palmas


Debora’s knowledge about process management and her high level guidance helped us big time. In a short period of time she implemented a Channel Manager and PMS and updated our online booking profiles.

Brigitte | Hotel Guest | Trusted Hotel Sitters


Sander and Debora welcomed us in the hotel with open arm and they helped us with many organizational issues for our trip in Costa Rica. They are trustworthy, very kind and we experienced one of the best services abroad.

Karoline Visser Your Hotel Boost

Karoline Visser | Product Manager Jaarbeurs


Sander is always looking for simple solutions and methods that work. He is a highly reliable and very dedicated person with a lot of experience in the event business.

Anneroos Goudsmit Your Hotel Boost

Anneroos Goudsmit | HR Manager


Debora is a thorough and intelligent worker. She succeeded to get a grasp on complex issues in a short period of time. She works effectively while at the same time she is able to work with a variety of clients and colleagues.

Peter Verkerk Your Hotel Boost

Peter Verkerk |  Team Lead TOPdesk


Debora is a very reliable colleague who’s always willing to help out other people. She is a strong team player and likes to tutor and train people.  She will put the interest of her clients first and works hard to achieve the common goals.

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