Your Hotel Boost

With our extended knowledge of the hospitality industry we promise not only to get you (back) into the driver’s seat of your hotel, but to run it in a more balanced and simplified way. We have created three special tools to answer to your needs.


A profound online health check of your hotel, giving you sufficient consumer insights to improve your competitive position. Available for less than the price of three nights.

1. Intake session via email and  Skype
We would like to get to know you and your business through a questionnaire and a Skype call. Subjects like strategy, finance, work/life balance, marketing and- operational processes will be our main focus.


2. Online Health Check
We get to work! Over the time of a few days we look at your website and the listing on booking and review websites (e.g. and tripadvisor) through the eyes of an online visitor. Is it attractive? Does it answer their needs? What is missing? Moreover we check your online presence (e.g. SEO), booking process, front desk response and social media.


3. Reporting and recommendations
Our findings and recommendations will be sent to you via email. And in a thirty minute Skype session we will explain our findings and give you some essential recommendations.


Our intakes are packed with practical tips and stimulates you to look at your company in a new way, and we’re giving away 5 FREE intake sessions this month!

HOTEL HEALTH CHECK (Online & Offline)

The online health check + an extensive health check of your hotel on the spot! We submerge ourselves in your business and guest experience. Together with you and your employees we learn where improvements can be made and construct a plan to boost your business.

Our process consists of three steps:


1. Analyzing the customer journey

The experience of your (potential) guests is the most important factor for determining the level of success. We analyze your website, online presence (e.g. SEO), booking system, front desk response and pricing strategy. We walk through your customer journey as if we were potential guests. Often simple adjustments can make a huge impact.


2. Working together and interviewing
Over the span of a few days we will work together with you and your employees. By actually being on the spot, observing what is happening and asking the right questions we will get a good overview of your operational processes, strategy and challenges.


3. Your hotel boost plan
After having gathered the customer insights and operational challenges, we’ll construct a plan for you that will boost your business. We’ll walk you through it and can advise you in which steps to take first. You can expect us to be transparent during the whole process as we believe that trust is the only way to work together.


Take a break and get inspired!

While you are away for just a couple of days or several weeks we will take care of the daily business of your hotel. We know that running a hotel is hard work. Finding time for you and your family can sometimes be hard. We believe that a healthy work/life balance is a necessity for a successful business. Therefore we would like to help you to regain this balance.

By taking care of your hotel during your holiday you can trust that your business is in good hands. You don’t need to close the hotel as you go away. Meanwhile we will take the opportunity to do a health check of your customer journey and your operational business. When you return from your holiday we are ready to start making a plan to boost your business in a balanced way based on all the information we’ve gathered. 

How we work

We work thoroughly and efficient in order to give your hotel boost and management some time off.


We take our time to see how your business is run(ning). We look through the eyes of the customer, the employee and the manager


Once we have seen what we need, we thoroughly analyze this data and run it through our special developed tools.


We advise you on topics like customer service, hospitality, finance, marketing and personal growth in order to take your hotel to the next level


Since we probably know most of your staff by now, we will even run your hotel for a while. If you let us of course. Giving you a well-deserved break and us the chance to do what we do best.

About us

With more than 15 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry we are very passionate about the hotel experience. We simply cannot walk into a hotel or hostel without noticing what could be improved. Call this our gift and our curse. 


With our unique combination of analytical and people skills we are set up to support hotel (max. 20 rooms) and Bed & Breakfast owners around the world to boost their business and live a better balanced and relaxing life. We leave no stone unturned to get you (back) in the driver’s seat of your own business. We inform and inspire you to make the correct decisions. It is our goal to maximize personal growth which will boost your business for the future.

Our Team

While traveling the world with our 2-year-old daughter, we come across many beautiful people with beautiful places to stay, eat and sleep. Many of which struggle with a lot of questions. Your Hotel Boost is our answer to many of them. But who are we?

Sander van Oudheusden

Hotel nerd

My name is Sander van Oudheusden, working in the hotel industry for 10+ years foreign and domestic. There is no better feeling than happy, satisfied and smiling guests day after day.
Running a hotel is a 24/7 business and not everyone can take this responsibility every day. Growth, open personality, honesty, love and freedom is what it is all about if you ask me. I am convinced if you are open to personal growth, your business will grow with you.
My passion is to relieve hotel owners from the daily care of others by providing fresh eyes and optimizing the daily operations. From online hotel health check to hotel takeover: are you ready for your hotel boost?

Debora Nienhuis

Process specialist

I am Debora Nienhuis and it is my passion to boost hotels by empowering its owners. To me business success and personal growth go hand in hand. If you are in your flow, your business and guests will be too. I have always had an interest in making things work better and more effectively. My analytical skills and curiosity help me to get to the core of things. Helping hotel owners run their business in a smooth way in order for them to have a better work/life balance, is what makes me happy. Even when you think your business is doing well, a different perspective can still grow your business figures. I believe that you don’t need to be sick to get better.


We love to provide some additional content about our vision and ideas in the hotel industry.

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