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We boost hotels by empowering people!

What is your question?

Would you like to increase the number of direct bookings?

Would you like to be fully booked during low seasons?

How to attract your ideal guests ?

Do you wonder why your profits are so low despite the fact you are very busy 24/7?

Do you want to decrease your monthly OTA commission ?

How to make the most of social media ?

Do you wonder why the competitor is fully booked next door?

How can you increase the average amount spent per guest?

How to deal with (negative) feedback  online?

Is it impossible to enjoy a  well-deserved break due to your 24/7 business?

Are you spending a lot of time managing reservations manually?


Would you like…

… To have more visitors on your website and obtain more direct bookings?

… To work more efficiently on sites such as and tripadvisor?

… To have a fresh pair of eyes look at the entire booking process?

… A FREE Skype intake session?

A profound online scan of your hotel, giving you competitive consumer insights to improve your competitive position.


Would you like…

… A professional check of the entire hotel operations through the eyes of a guest?

… To receive professional and independent advice?

… Looking for an open minded pair or eyes into your daily operations?

… Directly applicable solutions were you unable to see yourself?


Would you like…

… To enjoy the beauty of your own country like your guests do?

… To take a break without closing the hotel?

… To do other things you love doing and still make money?

… To say “yes” to a close friend’s invitation?

Pack your bags, because you’re going on a well deserved break. It’s no longer necessary to close the business while your gone, because we will run it for you.


Would you like…

… To discuss all the practical challenges you are facing in your daily life running a hotel?

… To get (back) in driver’s seat or your business?

… To book a brainstorming session to get back on track?

Sometimes it’s better not to ask “HOW to do it?” but “With WHOM?” We leave no stone unturned to face all your daily challenges together.

Turn wishes into action

With Your Hotel Boost we inform and inspire you to make the correct decisions. It is our goal to maximize personal growth which will boost your business for the future.

Training & Consultancy

Step by step we will explain how your hotel can be improved, even in low season!


Learn how to manage OTAs more efficiently or let us do it for you.

Online Optimalization

Let’s optimalize your online visibility, reviews, website, social media and more!

Daily Operations

Well executed standard operating procedures that are vital for constantly satisfying guests. We help you design these SOPs.

Impartial Advice

Sometimes it’s necessary to welcome a fresh pair of eyes looking at every aspect of the business to ensure quick wins.

Revenue vs Profit

We analyse the revenue improvement which can be made. Secondly we learn you how to instruct your staff to optimalize upselling to guests.

Monkey Management

Learn how to delegate tasks in a sustainible way.

Support on every aspect

We can support your hotel business on all different areas, we help you grow both online and offline.

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